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Benefits of Warehouse Management Systems

How utilising a third-party logistics partner with a WMS can help you serve your customers more efficiently.

Thanks to innovative developments in technology, modern distribution techniques are now being used worldwide, with warehouse management systems (WMS) helping to solve many of the major challenges that organisations struggle with today. From poor inventory management to bad customer service, a WMS provides an effective solution to counteract such struggles, proving to be a resourceful first step to building a better business.

1. Courier integration

One of the most impactful features of WMS to the end-user is direct integration with couriers and carriers.

Customer complaints due to missing deliveries, incorrect shipping details or inaccurate tracking harm the reputation of your business. But when delivery details are accurate and tracking information is provided, then customers receive their orders and enjoy a positive retail experience.

Our WMS will allow you real-time visibility into the status and location of your deliveries. This information is invaluable for your customers – by providing them with this visibility and meeting their delivery expectations, you are sure to earn their trust and loyalty.

2. Faster Inventory Turnover

Using a warehouse management system will provide visibility of accurate, real-time inventory levels. This enables a company to more securely estimate supply and avoid backorders, which leads to more satisfied customers.

3. Fewer Errors

Fewer staff, automated systems, and standardised processes make for efficient warehouses. A WMS system means that you benefit from an increased efficiency within the warehouse by standardising inventory movements, picking methods and inventory locations, whilst lowering error rates and reducing training costs.

4. Shipment Management

Inbound and outbound planning can be efficiently managed with a warehouse system that can adjust the movement of inventory and equipment. As inventory is scheduled for arrival, the exact date and time can be optimised, considering available labour and equipment for storage tasks.

5. Better Stock Control

The nature of warehouses means that stock is constantly on the move. Whether it is coming in, being stored or going out, there are goods travelling in multiple directions. We can track which items of stock have the quickest turnover so that you can store them more efficiently and keep downtime to a minimum.

Tracking each of your product’s whereabouts in your warehouse is a huge task and losing track can have costly consequences for your business. A warehouse management system allows you to locate and retrieve goods in an instant.

Warehouse Management Systems can help companies maximise profitability and alleviate errors. However, this is only the tip of the warehousing iceberg, and partnering with a company that has expertise in the field can help you focus on running your business, and having happy customers, without having to manage a warehouse.