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Code of Conduct

Seabourne Logistics is committed to carrying out our business in an honest and ethical manner. Our Company has a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption and we are committed to the following business principles:

  • To carry out our business fairly, honestly and transparently;
  • To not make or receive bribes, or condone the offering of bribes on our behalf, so as to gain a business advantage;
  • Avoid doing business with others who do not accept our principles and who may harm our reputation;
  • Keep transparent and updated records;
  • Make sure that everyone in our business knows and adheres to our principles;
  • Keep our principles even when it becomes difficult.

We have anti bribery procedures in place to support our principles, which includes the appointment of a dedicated compliance officer. These procedures, which are embedded throughout our company, are regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure compliance.

We expect all employees, and others working on our behalf including contractors and agents, to abide by our principles and notify us immediately if they have any concerns or suspicions regarding corrupt behavior.